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Why A Trip To Georgia Should Be On Your Wish List? 5 Reasons

In my opinion, a trip to the past Soviet republic of Georgia should be on every travel enthusiast’s bucket list. With miscellaneous architecture, incredible mountain backdrop and the famous wine-growing province of Kakheti, there’s so much to explore & discover. Below I have mentioned my top 5 reasons to plan a trip to Georgia.

To Savor Appetizing Food & Wine:

A fascinating fusion between the Mediterranean and Persian cuisine, Georgian foods are absolutely appetizing and worth tasting. Its mouthwatering Mediterranean style cuisine regularly involves yogurts, nuts, aubergines, cheese, and fish. Not to forget Khachapuri– cheesy bread; which accompanies just about every meal in Georgia.


Apart from its appetizing cuisines, Georgia is also believed to be the birthplace of wine. Their ancient winemaking procedure using clay jars has been incorporated into UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

To Enjoy The Captivating Mountain Scenery:

Runs between the Black Sea & the Caspian Sea, The Caucasus mountain range is so remote & impassable that rumors have it the great Alexander employed them as a massive natural prison for his boisterous rivalries. However, at present the mountain ranges are subjugated by gorgeous snow-covered glaciers, crystal clear lakes and rivers, and also offer the opportunity to spot wolves, eagles, and bears. Especially in spring & summer, the Caucasus Mountains are a perfect site for walking and trekking.


To Revisit It’s Fascinating History:

Dates back to the biblical eras, the history of Georgia are worth exploring. Its position between Islamic Asia and Christian Europe has ushered to a long string of attackers, all of whom have left their mark on Georgia’s culture & heritage. Even Georgia’s winemaking history dates back 7 thousand years.

To Witness The Out-Of-The-World Sights:

For a country of its size, Georgia is blessed with a massive variety of sights that will take your breath away. Some of the must-visit sights include but not limited to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, cave towns of Uplistsikhe and Vardzia, Ananuri castle complex, Gergeti Trinity church, Stalin Museum, and David Gareja Monastery among others.


To Enjoy the Georgian Hospitality:

Last but certainly not the least; Georgia is perhaps best known for its great hospitality & toasting frame of mind. In fact, there is a proverb that every Georgian follow “every guest is God sent”. Any tourist to Georgia is certain to be invited into the homes of locals, where they’ll make friends forever.


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